Friday, January 28, 2005

[politics] Just say "No" to torture.

Just say "No" to Gonzales. Simple as that. Do we really want to be remembered as the first generation to officially sanction the use of tactics which we so roundly condemn elsewhere in the world? I always thought we were a better country than that. Even as I grew older and became aware of the gaps in my perception of our nation's history (you know: those little details like genocide, worker exploitation, war crimes, race-baiting, Red-baiting, anti-intellectualism, etc.), I still believed that we were a better nation than that. I still believe it. I must. Please, if you are an American who still believes in the Rule of Law - hell, who still believes in rules at all, write your Senator - urge them to vote "No" on Gonzales. [UPDATE re: my own Senators: Senator Cantwell (D-WA) has already posted a statement on her website that she will vote no on Gonzales. If you're in WA, send her a thank you. Senator Murray (D-WA) has made no such statement; if you're in WA, nag her here.]


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