Monday, May 16, 2005

[politics] Scotty McClellan's new rectal orifice

...courtesy of Keith Olbermann:
Whenever I hear Scott McClellan talking about 'media credibility', I strain to remember who it was who admitted Jeff Gannon to the White House press room and called on him all those times. Whenever I hear this White House talking about 'doing to damage to our image abroad' and how 'people have lost lives', I strain to remember who it was who went traipsing into Iraq looking for WMD that will apparently turn up just after the Holy Grail will - and at what human cost.
For the sordid details of Gannon, go here - but before you do that, read the rest of Olbermann's piece because he is dead-on. These craven bastards (can one use the word 'craven' too often with this pack of jackals?) and their congenitally spastic lackeys are taking Newsweek behind the woodshed for what? Printing the truth. Oh. Wait. My bad. This administration makes its own truth, remember? We're the ones hampered by the reality of, oh, reality. Well, please show these bastards that we like the truth. We like reality. And we like it when our media has the courage to print it. Send Newsweek an email or letter of support, please: Letters to the Editor for the U.S. print edition: Mailing Address: Newsweek 251 W. 57th St. New York, NY 10019 (thanks to OLinda and SusanHu)


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