Tuesday, August 09, 2005

[geek][politics] DUH: Design by Unintelligent Hand

via MSNBC's 'Clicked' column:
I'd like to propose a third alternative theory. I call it the theory of "Design by Unintelligent Hand," or "DUH" for short. The basic concept? The Creator is an utter dumbass.

I'm all for teaching DUH
in America's schools!
*snicker* But it's no Noodly Appendage, that's for sure.


Blogger Carnacki said...

I have no trouble accepting evolution and maintaining my faith. It's weird to me how some right wingers get so caught up in trying to prove God's existence instead of just living their lives with grace.

O/T, I'll probably be away from the computer a lot until the middle of next week. Mom's coming in for a visit to see the grand kids and so I'll be spending next couple of days getting some home projects done and then spending time with her and the rest of the family. So please post as much or as little as you want on MotHV. I'm willing enjoying your posts. Between the two of us we offer, in my opinion, a good mix of dark and interesting items for people to read.

8/09/2005 09:19:00 PM  
Blogger protected static said...

Yeah, neither did I when I was an observant Catholic... But then, Catholicism (certainly post-Vatican II Catholicism) has had a more comfortable relationship with science per se, even if it has been disquieted by its fruits. And while the issues that drove me away were more about creepy blurrings of "...rendering unto..." than anything else, more examples of (true) grace might have made a difference.

Or perhaps not - I can be willful, a fault I cheerfully acknowledge... ;-)

Have a good time with your family - I promise not to redecorate MotHV or anything like that. So far, it's looking like a good balance.

8/09/2005 10:58:00 PM  

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