Saturday, September 10, 2005

[politics] Small victories

Whilst perusing Roger Ailes' blog, I noticed that I missed this entirely... Remember that bogus case in Cupertino where a wingnut teacher was suing the school district, claiming that he wasn't allowed to teach the Declaration of Independence? Remember how the wingnut press flocked to it? Hannity made it a pet project, the freepers went apeshit (not that this should surprise anyone). Remember how it was complete and utter bullshit (not that this should surprise anyone...)? Well, apparently the court case left no doubt, with the Left Coaster reporting that it is now a matter of court-certified record: complete and utter bullshit.
Last week [on or about August 11] Stephen Williams and ADF dropped the lawsuit entirely, which serves as a clear acknowledgement that Stevens Creek Elementary Principal Patricia Vidmar and CUSD did nothing wrong. The only thing that was a negative for Cupertino residents, with the "settlement" of this lawsit (see PDF), was that CUSD agreed to pay for the costs of their legal defense in this extraordinarily fake and frivolous lawsuit, rather than have ADF billed for this to make them pay the price for the chaos and hate they inflicted, jointly with Far Right media personalities.
I'll take 'em where I can get 'em. Too bad the outcome didn't make the MSM. Full details of the case here.


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