Tuesday, November 29, 2005

[politics] Better late than never?

Or perhaps not...
The administration is under pressure to convince increasingly skeptical Americans that the president’s strategy for Iraq is headed in the right direction nearly three years after the U.S.-led invasion. The president is to give a speech on the subject Wednesday at the Naval Academy and the White House is to release a 35-page document titled “Our National Strategy for Victory in Iraq.”
Hey guys, it's only been three years! What have you been waiting for? Oh yeah, the flowers and open arms, right? Hmmm. Too bad you can't admit that maybe people like Shinseki (Remember them? The career soldiers y'all told to go pound sand up their collective asses?) knew what they were talking about. And WTF's up with Bush being only able to give speeches to the military? Is he practicing to be Caligula or something? (Update (5 minutes or so after initial posting): Jane at firedoglake wonders the same thing...)


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