Monday, November 14, 2005

[politics] So, George - do we torture or don't we?

Because your words were pretty emphatic: we do not torture. Right? Not much wiggle room there, is there? Right. Silly me. What bullshit:
In an important clarification of President George W. Bush's earlier statement, a top White House official refused to unequivocally rule out the use of torture, arguing the US administration was duty-bound to protect Americans from terrorist attack. The comment, by US national security adviser Stephen Hadley, came amid heated national debate about whether the CIA and other US intelligence agencies should be authorized to use what is being referred to as "enhanced interrogation techniques" to extract from terror suspects information that may help prevent future assaults.
Oh, my bad. It isn't 'torture' (evidently, that word is as quaint as the Geneva Conventions), it's "enhanced interrogation techniques". So we don't torture anyone - we merely employ enhanced interrogation techniques. For actual torture, we outsource to those countries that have 'real' secret police agencies. I got it. Thanks guys, you're doing a heckuva job. [thanks, Pam]


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