Thursday, December 29, 2005

[random] [deep breath]

Ah, work... Sure, we can squeeze six weeks worth of dev work into three weeks - why not? It hasn't been fun, what with the holidays and all, but we're actually pulling it off without killing ourselves. And it's for a not-entirely-bad reason - we've been trying to build a relationship with this agency for a couple of years, so when they came to us for help it was hard to say no. Of course, it gets even harder to say no when one of the possible consequences of saying no is that said agency won't be able to even think about talking to us again for five years because of funding issues. So... We said yes. Eh. Whatchagonnado? And there's a metric snotload of stuff I've got percolating on the back burner, too: there've been a bunch of articles about space that I want to distill into at least one post, possibly two; there're some pictures I need to download from my digital camera and get up here and over on MotHV; there's some more stuff on video games I want to write about... Dunno when I'll get to it - it won't be this weekend, that's for sure. And before all that transpires, we'll be taking some time to enjoy ourselves as well... Grandma is in town, and is going to watch The Boy for the evening, along with one of his friends. We'll be going to dinner and a movie with the same family we went to the coast with this summer - it promises to be fun.


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