Thursday, March 02, 2006

[politics] Help me to understand here...

Here's an emerging theme in the right-wing blindly pro-Bush blogosphere: Right-wing commentators who are criticising the conduct of the Iraq War and the policies that led to it, and who are now predicting the failure of our Iraqi misadventure are misguided but their intentions are good, whereas those of us who are not Fukayama or Buckley but who have been saying exactly the same thing since, oh, 2003 are somehow responsible for the impending failure in Iraq. Wow. That's really some reality distortion field going on there. There's even an amusing corollary to this: Anyone who tries to point out this contradiction is merely attempting to exorcise their guilty conscience over the failures in Iraq! So, here's the equation: ((control of all 3 branches of the Federal government) + ((Democratic fears of being 'soft on defense') = (no meaningful opposition)) + (filling key positions with flunkies, toadies, campaign donors, and 'yes' men) + (unprecedented efforts to control and co-opt the domestic media message) - (warnings by career military and civil service personnel)) = (those damn liberals and their media lost us the war) Speechless, I am... Aren't these fuckers supposed to be the party of "personal responsibility"? [via Sadly, No! and The Poorman]


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