Tuesday, February 01, 2005

[politics] Just say "No" to torture, part 3.

Sen. Murray has just announced that she too will vote against Gonzales. The full press release can be found here, but here's a juicy bit:
The attorney general has a direct impact on the rights, lives, and liberties of every American. He is not merely an advisor to the president. He is the chief law enforcement officer of our country. He may even be called on to investigate wrongdoing by the very president who appointed him. Because of these unique responsibilities, an attorney general must meet certain standards. In addition to being honest and independent, an attorney general must actively enforce the laws and ensure the public's confidence in our legal system. The attorney general must also display the highest standards of fairness, trust, and respect for the law. Unfortunately, a review of Mr. Gonzales' record in Texas, at the White House, and before the Senate Judiciary Committee shows he falls short of those standards.


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