Friday, April 08, 2005

[politics] Rock. On. Orcinus.

Orcinus, excellent as ever. Given that GOP and DINO political and procedural maneuvering in the WA Senate has apparently killed our state's latest attempt at banning discrimination based on sexual orientation (grrr...), Orcinus has a modest proposal that directly confronts the hypocrisy of the Christian Right on this matter: Strip religion from anti-discrimination laws. Let that sink in for a minute... Yup - legalize discrimination on the basis of religion. Why? I'll let him explain:
It's the [...] reason given by many evangelicals -- and particularly black and minority evangelicals, and people who claim they support civil rights -- for not supporting gays and lesbians in hate-crime protections: "You can't compare being gay to being black. One's immutable, one's chosen." Well, yes, this is true when it comes to race. And even ethnicity. These are, after all, two of the three main legs of anti-discrimination and hate-crimes laws. But it's not true of the third leg of these laws: religion. Last I checked, this too was a "chosen behavior." In RCW 49.60, the matter of faith is defined more broadly as "creed." This thus includes atheism, agnosticism, and other belief systems.
Chosen behavior? In your FACE!!! Hee... (And he keeps insisting that he's a moderate - if he's a moderate, I'm a flaming radic... Oh. Er. Never mind. Still, it's sad to think that the political landscape has shifted so far to the Right that a rational, decent thought can seem far-Left.) Catgories: , , , , , ,


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