Wednesday, August 24, 2005

[politics] Holy. Crap.

Things get scarier and scarier:
American Legion Declares War on Protestors -- Media Next? By E&P Staff Published: August 24, 2005 4:20 PM ET NEW YORK The American Legion, which has 2.7 million members, has declared war on antiwar protestors, and the media could be next. Speaking at its national convention in Honolulu, the group's national commander called for an end to all "public protests" and "media events" against the war, constitutional protections be damned. [...] The delegates voted to use whatever means necessary to "ensure the united backing of the American people to support our troops and the global war on terrorism."
Don't these assholes remember their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution? Go read the whole thing - it documents a pretty scary call for censorship by vigilante. I'm afraid that while vets like this one are not alone, the leadership of reactionary groups like the American Legion and VFW are doing everything they can to pretend that there are no Democrats, no Liberals, no dissenters in their ranks. (Or that they speak for all vets - now is a good time to remember that they do not.) [hat tip to Atrios]


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