Wednesday, August 17, 2005

[politics] So-called "right-to-life" group tries to capitalize on death of Iraq War vet

How? By calling his family's decision to remove his feeding tube 'murder':
Three days after the Monona Marine's funeral, the Pro-Lifers put out a press release claiming that Simon was "murdered by those in charge of his medical care." Late Friday, under legal threat by the lawyers for the Don and Marilyn Anderson Hospicecare Center in Fitchburg, the Pro-Lifers backed off the murder charge. Still, the Pro-Lifers warned that this could happen to you. Julie Grimstad of Pro-Life [Wisconsin] called Simon's health-care power of attorney document "signing your own suicide note. It may be legal, but it's most certainly immoral." Then, if it's possible to get more appalling, the group goes on to tout Grimstad's seven "End of Life Decisions" brochures. [...] Simon, 32, and the father of a 6-year- old son, was severely injured Nov. 8 by the same roadside bomb that killed Lance Cpl. Shane O'Donnell of DeForest, and two other members of their Madison-based company. Simon came home from Iraq and received medical care here until mid- July when his doctors determined he would not recover. His family honored his "health-care power of attorney," which gave the ability to make decisions to his wife, Regina. Jack Schuster, the family's attorney, said Regina Simon made the decision after much soul-searching. A judge OK'd the removal of the feeding tube. "It was all done legally. If they want to debate the morality, who are they to judge?" Schuster asked. "Hospice provided the highest level of loving care. To accuse them of murdering him is the height of immorality."
I can't imagine the heartache this family endured, only to get this bullshit from the fundies. Why is it that people have such a hard time seeing that all these bastards really care about is controlling your life? They don't care about "the little babies"; they don't really care about euthanasia. They don't care about immorality - how about starting an illegal war, killing thousands, and lying about it? That's immoral. No, these asshats are scared that you might make a decision that they might not like: abortion, end-of-life, sex, education, your job. These sick fucks want to control every aspect of your life. Period. Got it? It isn't about morality; it's about control. [hat tip to xoverboard, with an assist to Atrios, who'd linked to something else on Pollak's site...]


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