Tuesday, August 16, 2005

[politics] Not just the WaPo...

It would appear that the Pentagon is also getting antsy about negative reactions to their Nuremburg-on-the-Potomac Rally:
They’ve added a private ceremony for victims’ families. Now that’s a perfectly appropriate event, but was it part of the original plan? Does it fit in with a parade of College Republican yahoos coming in from across the country? In any case, adding that ceremony does make opposing the propaganda event considerably trickier. So the Pentagon strategy seems to be to play up the memorial part of the event, play down the pro-war part, and hope that when the freepers show up on September 11 they don’t make it into too much of an embarrassment.
Go. Read the whole thing, some of the changes are eye-opening. And if you have a blog, raise hell about this propaganda fest - the DoD is listening (.mil IP addresses following Technorati searches on "America Supports You", for instance...) and reacting. Maybe we can shame them into doing their job: upholding and defending the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Unfortunately, they seem to have forgotten that whole 'uphold' part. [via Atrios]


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