Monday, September 19, 2005

[politics] Fareed Zakaria blows a gasket

Whatever his other accomplishments, Bush will go down in history as the most fiscally irresponsible chief executive in American history. [...] To govern is to choose. And Bush has decided not to choose. He wants guns and butter and tax cuts. People wonder whether we can afford Iraq and Katrina. The answer is, easily. What we can't afford simultaneously is $1.4 trillion in tax cuts and more than $1 trillion in new entitlement spending over the next 10 years. To take one example, if Congress did not make permanent just one of its tax cuts, the repeal of estate taxes, it would generate $290 billion over the next decade. That itself pays for most of Katrina and Iraq.
In case anyone's missed this, Zakaria isn't exactly a flaming liberal...


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