Friday, September 23, 2005

[politics] The rumor mill churns apace...

From firedoglake, we find these little gems tagged on to Jane's commentary re: W's odd "Bianca" behavior:
Froomkin in the WaPo: "Will any member of the White House press corps risk scorn from McClellan -- and maybe even mockery from colleagues -- by asking the press secretary to set the record straight about what appears to be an utterly scurrilous report in the National Enquirer that Bush is hitting the booze again? Some brave soul should." From Democratic Underground: "Ed Schultz just interviewed an editor with the National Enquirer. The editor said the paper stands by its story "150%" and would go to court over it if they had to. He said that they have 2 different sources for the story, and that the sources had been informing the National Enquirer about this story for about the last month or so.Notably, the editor said that a "highly respected" newspaper has also been working on the story and could well publish something on it in the next week or two. On edit: He also said to expect Laura to be traveling alot more with Bush so she can keep a close watch on him."
I think this one's also going to gain some legs... we'll see. Hey, I know - maybe the whole 'Bianca' thingie means W's been hanging out online with too many trolls. (Boy, that puts me into the Wayback Machine...)


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