Saturday, October 29, 2005

[random][geek] Republic Dogs

Saw this ages ago, but when it resurfaced on Making Light, I had to share - Plato's Republic as done by Quentin Tarantino:
Aristotle: What kind of argument is that? Your theory of the forms rests on an arbitrary and vicious act of violence. Socrates: [Draws his gun.] Aristotle, you're Plato's student, I respect you, but I will put fucking bullets through your heart if you don't take back what you said about me being violent now! Aristotle: [Also drawing gun] You shoot, you'll be dining with Lord Hades tonight. I repeat. You kill me, your ass is eating pomegranite fucking casserole for the rest of eternity. Alcibiades: Shit, man, you're acting like a bunch of fuckin' Spartans. Am I the only philosopher around here? Socrates and Aristotle: [To Alcibiades] Shut up! Alcibiades: Guys, guys, calm down. Look, I've got it. Let's have a symposium -- we can all drink wine and make speeches in praise of love. Aristotle: What are you, some kind of pansy? Socrates: Shoot that dipshit. [Socrates and Aristotle turn in unison and shoot Alcibiades, then turn back and again aim at each other.]


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