Tuesday, January 10, 2006

[random] So... what's 'weird', anyway?

sigh Okay, so I've been tagged with this 'meme', see? (Thanks, Carnacki...) It's the 'name 5 weird things you do/habits you have', and, well - I'm so normal that I can't do it. Okay, now that those of you who know me have stopped laughing, I've gotta rant a little first: what is weird? I mean, really? It's so contextual. To give an example, let's take my wardrobe (or lack thereof). When it's cool enough, I live in a nicely worn, battered, black leather biker jacket. When it's warm enough, I live in a pair of cut-off BDU shorts. I'm prone to wearing all black. T-shirts are a given, regardless of the weather. And my appearance? Long hair, goatee, earrings. When I lived in St. Louis, this was definitely classified as weird. In Seattle, not so much. See? Context. That said, here goes:
  • I cannot abide dog-earing the pages of books. If you're putting a book down, get a damn bookmark.
  • When forced to wear a shirt and tie, my preference is for ties that are older than I am (from the late '50s, early '60s - nice and narrow).
  • I prefer to eat crackers by twos. Not two at a time, just even numbered amounts.
  • I have been known to dream in code. Not like Enigma/Codetalkers cryptography (though that's cool, too...), but in programming code:
        for (int i = 0; i < _workingArray.Length; i++)
            if (((Bar)_workingArray[i]).Foo == true)
  • I will procrastinate endlessly rather than do something that I can't make 'just perfect' - cases in point: this post, the ten others sitting as drafts on this blog, and my now-languishing fiction blog.
  • Now that's not too weird, is it?


    Blogger Carnacki said...

    Ha! Crackers by 2s. That's funny.

    BTW, I agree with you about weird. Here's a comment I made at groovyageofhorror:

    Ididn't tag any of the horror bloggers because I feared they might accidentally reveal more than they intended.
    Keith at Old Haunts:
    3. I have the weird habit of burying the bodies vertically instead of horizontally.
    Kevin at Dark, But Shining
    4. One of my weird habits is I spend exactly 33 minutes resharpening my machete after every kill. I set the watch right by the work table to get the time right.
    See, I was careful in revealing my "weird habits." Besides, I don't think burning the bodies is a weird habit, but a necessity...oops, I said too much.

    I should have been more careful about my post. Since reading it, my wife is on my case about the amount of coffee I drink.

    Why do you dream in code? Is it work related stress or like people who know a foreign language and sometimes are so immersed they dream in that language?

    1/10/2006 09:39:00 AM  
    Blogger protected static said...

    It's more of an immersion thing than anything else.

    1/10/2006 09:58:00 AM  

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