Tuesday, March 14, 2006

[geek][politics] Hey, LiftPort! Here's how to finance the space elevator!

A month or so ago, Brian Dunbar observed in my comments that y'all should patent aerobraking and then collect royalties. I'm telling you, the time is ripe for such a move! Why? Because IBM was just granted a patent (7,003,497) for (ready? sitting down?) confirming an electronic transaction with an email. Breathtaking in its stupidity simplicity, isn't it? Think of the advantages - you'd have complete financial freedom, and you wouldn't ever be beholden to VC-weasel-suit-types (I've heard the horror stories). Just remember - package it as a business process, and USPTO should go for it like... like... Congressmen for a lobbyist's junket! Oh yeah - I'll want a modest slice if you pull it off... A finder's fee of sorts. Coz' I'm nice that way. It can even be a one-time fee instead of a percentage. Coz' I'm nice that way. [via SIVACRACY]


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