Friday, April 21, 2006

[politics] Buzzwords

[N]ot everybody who says that really understands what that means. And what words are we discussing here? To what could 'that' possibly refer? Why, 'rape' and 'incest', of course. These words would be from the mouth (does he have to stop breathing when he talks?) of South Dakota State Rep. Joel Dykstra (R-Lincoln County). Remember that: rape is a meaningless buzzword. Incest is a meaningless buzzword. You don't really understand what they mean. I'm having a Pulp Fiction moment...
ZED: Bring out the Gimp. MAYNARD: I think the Gimp's asleep. ZED: Well, I guess you'll just wake 'im up then, won't you?
Bring out the Gimp. Think he'd understand those buzzwords then? (via Atrios)


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