Friday, February 04, 2005

[geek][politics] Google-bombing for Choice!

Got this idea from Rad Geek via 'Clicked!' on MSNBC. So... what is Google-bombing? In short, the way Google indexes websites, it factors in the text that is displayed for a link along with the actual link itself... The more that a certain phrase is associated with a certain URL, the more more relevant Google considers the URL to be. Anti-abortion wingnuts have successfully written enough links that look like this: <a href = "some website with anti-abortion propaganda goes here">Roe v. Wade</a> that Google was linking to their propaganda more often than to, say, the actual text of the decision itself. By writing countering links, Google will rebuild it's index over time and real information about Roe come up more often than far-Right anti-abortion hysteria and disinformation. So, bombs away!

Anti-abortion ideologues beware: I'm promoting objective, factual information on:

You can too. Join me in Bombing for Choice.


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