Monday, April 25, 2005

[geek, politics] My own thoughts on HB 1515

Mostly I've been collecting the thoughts and rants of others, but I wanted to get some of my own ideas committed to pixels before I forgot. I'm really angry with Microsoft - their actions set a tone, and their example sets a lead. This was cowardly, particularly if they are committed to non-discrimination internally. In the end, what does that mean if a random manager decides that they don't want someone openly queer working for or with them? If they fire that person for being queer, that person'd probably have some legal recourse since non-discrimination is part of Microsoft's contractual obligation with that employee. But here's the kicker - there's no guarantee that any such recourse would be upheld by the courts without an explicit statewide ban on discrimination over sexual orientation. That's exactly the kind of thing an activist judgeright-thinking Christian jurist would come up with. I'm angry with the professional homo-haters like Rev. Hutcherson. Hey, Rev.! You show me where Jesus said this bullshit is okay, then I might give you some grounds. I'm a seriously lapsed Catholic, but I do remember enough Scripture to know that you're picking and choosing your Bible verses when it comes to justifying this hateful pablum. I'm angry with the 'moderate' GOP fag-bashers in this state who decided that appeasing Rev. Hutcherson was more important than actually doing what their constitutents want. The DINOs from Eastern Washington? This crap I expected from them - we'll get them sooner or later. The fake socially-liberal-fiscally-conservative bastards? We'll get them sooner. You hear me, Finkbeiner? You're up in 2006, right? Overall I'm hopeful, though - HB 1515 passed the House 67-31, with 6 Republicans voting 'yea', and only failed in the Senate by one vote. There are worse places to live, and frankly everything I've read suggests that barring some kind of massive reactionary social upheaval (the millenium is still young, after all), time is on our side nationally. We will win.


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