Monday, April 11, 2005

[politics][geek] Sex, death, and the mystery of hyperlinks...

I don't feel up to the task of commenting on the passing of Andrea Dworkin - as a radical, as a visionary, as a purist she definitely shook things up and made a lot of things possible... Unfortunately, some of what she made possible was the oppression of women and queers, particularly when she and McKinnon got Canada to enact their sweeping anti-obscenity laws... Who did Canada go after? The mainstream purveyors of porn, the oft-cited targets of Dworkin and McKinnon's rage? No. Short answer: they went after lesbian porn and erotica first. Susie Bright has an interesting meditation on Dworkin's untimely passing. Bittersweet, but definitely interesting. I'm with Bright on this one. No question. But then, what do I know? I have a penis, after all... And the hot links mysterious hyperlinks part? In the comments attached to her Dworkin piece, Susie Bright links to a Daily Kos diary as a good example of the debate over Dworkin's legacy... a diary which pointed me to Bright's blog in the first place. Ain't the Internets grand? [12 April 2005 15:56 PDT - update: changed the title from "Sex, death, and hot links" so all you pervs surfing technorati's "sex" tag aren't disappointed... Sorry guys - no quivering flesh here. Go google it, wontch'a?] Categories: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;


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