Friday, May 27, 2005

[politics] Limits

At what point do we suspend Godwin's Law? Okay, not Godwin's law per se - but when does the Nazi comparison stop being hyperbolic? Can it ever? Will there ever be a time when events trump the emotional loading of 'Hitler' or 'Nazi'? Is that time now? Consolidation of oligarchical and corporatist power into a small elite; media consolidation and control; military fetishism; denigration of women, homosexuals, and the ever popular 'others'. A Party solely concerned with concentrating power and power's mechanisms. Secret tribunals. Extrajudicial prison camps. With death chambers. Warrantless searches. Secret evidence. Secret surveillence. Police investigation and intimidation of political dissidents. If not now, when? Because when they're dragging you away, it's too late. When? (Mike Godwin, BTW, has his own blog on copyright and related digital freedom issues ssues called, appropriately enough, Godwin's Law. Check out the css and step into the wayback machine, you Mac fanatics out there ;-))


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