Sunday, May 29, 2005

[random] That time of year: followup #2

Awoke this morning to much cawing coming from our backyard. While making coffee, the source became apparent: another juvenile raven (or crow - I'm wavering somewhat, but for now I'm still going to call them ravens), probably from the same clutch of eggs as the one that didn't make it, thought he was stuck on our neighbor's back porch. Mom & Dad were close by, periodically flying off to other nearby locations to, I can only assume, check in on their other fledglings... Given the amount of crowing and cawing that has been going on this morning, I'm guessing that they have at least two others who've survived so far. I'm happy for them... they were so angry with me after I disposed of the other baby, and harassed me mercilessly for a couple of days. (Yeah, yeah, I know - anthropomorphising, yadda yadda. You weren't dive-bombed ;-) ) Now, however, it would seem that the first baby was maybe fledged somewhat prematurely. Mom and Dad now appear to have their hands (wings? beaks?) full with the others.


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