Tuesday, June 21, 2005

[geek] 30-second science blogging - Blue Origin

Via MSNBC's Cosmic Log, I found this:
As a commercial venture, Blue Origin, LLC (Blue Origin) proposes to develop a launch facility to operate its Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV), which is expected to carry paying passengers on suborbital, ballistic trajectories to altitudes in excess of 325,000 feet above sea level. Blue Origin proposes to locate its launch facility on privately-owned property in Culberson County, Texas. Operations at the launch facility would include development testing, pre-flight processing and flight, landing and recovery activities.
While this probably isn't really news for anyone who's been actively following what's been going on with privately funded space flight, it definitely caught my eye. Blue Origin is based here in Seattle, and is funded by Jeff Bezos' deep pockets. The launch vehicles will be designed and fabricated here in Seattle, and then trucked down to Texas for launching. So... is the Jet City about to become the Rocket City? Regardless, I gotta ask: how cool is that?


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