Wednesday, June 01, 2005

[random] magpie blogging

Oooohhh... look! Shiny! And so it is that these quotes are plunked into my nest, courtesy of the fine folks over at Making Light
"Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire." (Gustav Mahler) "The man who tries to make the flag an object of a single party is a greater traitor to that flag than any man who fires at it." (Lloyd George) "I’m a fuzzy-headed warm-hearted liberal, and I think fuzzy-headed warm-hearted liberalism is an ideological stance that needs defending—if necessary, with a hob-nailed boot-kick to the bollocks of budding totalitarianism." (Charles Stross)
A hob-nailed boot-kick, indeed! ;-) And, if you're looking for musings on the world in general and science fiction (and writing as well, but mostly science fiction) in particular, you could do much worse than Patrick & Teresa Nielsen Hayden's blog. And participate in the comments! The comments are a tremendous amount of fun; there's often quite a real dialog that takes place between P&TNH and their readers, often adding as much substance to a given post as the post itself already contained.


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