Saturday, October 01, 2005

[music] freakin' finally...

Well, a while ago I posted something about the Black-Eyed Snakes, a Duluth, MN-based punk-blues band... I ordered their latest CD through their site, and then I waited. And waited. And waited. "Okay", I thought, "they're musicians, not a record store... It looks like they all belong to more than one band, and at least one of them publishes an alt 'zine as well, so they're gonna be busy... I can wait." And wait I did - for 6 weeks. So I emailed the contact listed by PayPal, and asked what was up with that? Never heard anything. I waited a little more... Still nothing. So I emailed again. No response. I waited yet a little more, and, still having heard nada, I emailed one last time saying that if I didn't get a response, I was going to have PayPal cancel the order and refund my money. Still no response, but within a day or two there was a PayPal credit to my online account... Guys, can I point out something to y'all? I ordered your CD from your site because, well, you make more money that way, right? I could have ordered it from Amazon or any other online retailer for more money - and you'd have gotten a smaller cut of that money. But I didn't - I bought it from you. And y'all didn't exactly go out of your way to encourage me to repeat the experience... One stupid email ("sorry, misplaced the order, it's on its way" or "we're out of CDs right now, can you wait X weeks until we get another pressing") would have gone a long way. I mean, I'm not about to start a new website or anything like that - but in the future, it probably wouldn't hurt if y'all treated your customers like, well, customers. Or better yet, like fans - which, since I'm trying to buy your friggin' CD, I probably am. Or I could be. Okay, </rant>. See, I really did like their music - and I did buy the CD through Amazon a week ago (along w/ a Celtic punk CD from the band Blood or Whiskey), and it shipped last night. Freakin' finally...


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