Wednesday, July 13, 2005

[music] punk meets the blues

I'm not even sure what the Markov chain of URLs was that led me to this site, but here you go: The Black-Eyed Snakes (requires Flash 7). One word: wow. Seriously... I've been a fan of punkabilly/psychobilly/what have you for a while, but this - this is different. This feels like the blues, seen through a punk glass darkly. They've got a bunch of streaming audio and video on the site, and I say go thee hence and listen. The only caveat I'd toss out is that the quality of the audio on the streams of their live performances is better than the quality of the video. I liked what I heard enough to plunk down $12 for their most recent album, "The Black-Eyed Snakes Rise Up". I'll post a review of sorts (even if only a quick 'thumbs up/thumbs down') after it arrives. If you're intrigued by what you've heard, this site has a bunch o' links to similar stuff. I think I'll probably be working my way through this list for a while... Oh, and to the BES, should you read this: Seattle ain't so far from Minneapolis, is it? Hint, hint...


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