Wednesday, November 02, 2005

[politics] Um... could y'all please define "great"?

Okay, so - there's this Newsweek article, see? Talking about second-term slumps, see? And it goes on and on in some almost-helpful ways about the difficulties that many presidents have had with their second term, see? It also points out that the crux of Bush's current problem isn't his slump per se, but how he deals with it, that bad news today doesn't mean he'll be viewed harshly by history, blah, blah, blah. Personally, I'd think that someone who manages to get his approval among Black Americans lower than the margin of error for the survey itself has some, uh, institutional problems to deal with, but hey - who am I to question the judgement of political scientists and published authors, right? Now, where I do feel entirely qualified to judge is this - the front page of MSNBC has this as the link to the above article: 'All' great presidents? WTF? Okay - given that this article was written in the context of Bush's ratings slump, doesn't this headline include Bush with the 'greats'? Personally, I think a better headline would have been "2nd term slumps: Even great presidents had them". Or am I just being fussy?


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