Thursday, February 09, 2006

[politics] Now that's an interesting wrinkle...

iStockPhoto - Copyright: Laszlo Nemes From Salon, via Steve Gilliard:
[...] The paper wanted to instigate trouble, just not the kind of trouble it got. And in this mission it acted in concert with the Danish government. "We have gone to war against the multicultural ideology that says that everything is equally valid," boasted the minister of cultural affairs, Brian Mikkelsen, in a speech at his party's annual meeting the week before Rose's cartoon editorial last fall. Mikkelsen is a 39-year-old political science graduate known for his hankering for the "culture war." He continued, "The Culture War has now been raging for some years. And I think we can conclude that the first round has been won." The next front, he said, is the war against the acceptance of Muslims norms and ways of thought. The Danish cultural heritage is a source of strength in an age of globalization and immigration. Cultural restoration, he argued, is the best antidote.
(emphasis mine) As always, context is, well, pretty friggin' much everything. Some restoration, eh? See, the problem with seeking out a war is that you're pretty much screwed if you aren't prepared to actually go to war and prosecute a war. Hmmm... Where have I seen that kind of hubris before... It was so recently, too...


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