Saturday, April 30, 2005

[music] scads o' trad

Hard-rocking trad, that is. Okay, I shouldn't've, but I did. So there. I enjoyed my last musical purchase so much, I went and bought some more stuff from Omnium Recordings. First off was a compilation named Shite n' Onions - Celtic punk - think a rougher-edged version of the Pogues and you'll have a very good sense of what's on tap here.

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There're a couple of turds on the CD (or would that be lumps o' shite?), but hey - it's a compilation, right? Most of it's great... For more info about the bands, check out the Boston-based website named, naturally, Shite n' Onions. I'm eagerly awaiting the implied volume #2... Next up, Vengeance by Garmarna.

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Gothy-without-being-gothic electronica, a mix of medieval Scandinavian tunes and contemporary pieces (albeit with the same feel) - not unlike the album by Hedningarna that I wrote about here, but with a much less primal feel to it. Primal isn't quite right, nor is menacing - I wrote both, deleted both, and settled on primal... Whatever it is, there's an overlap with Hedningarna as far as inspiration, but there are definite differences in execution.


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