Thursday, July 14, 2005

[politics] But at least he's a cat lover...

This is something I'd been meaning to blog about a week ago, but the London bombing pushed it off the radar (mine and the media's). But yesterday, when I saw the article on gushing over Pope Benedict's love for cats, I wanted to scream. Why? Because Benedict is going to preside over the Church's greatest pushback against liberalism since the Counter Reformation:
Now at the beginning of the 21st century, faced with scientific claims like neo-Darwinism and the multiverse hypothesis in cosmology invented to avoid the overwhelming evidence for purpose and design found in modern science, the Catholic Church will again defend human reason by proclaiming that the immanent design evident in nature is real.
This little gem published in the New York Times was written by Christoph Schönborn, the Cardinal of Vienna. It rolls back John Paul II's embrace of evolution by lightly dismissing it in favor of an earlier and much less authoritative document written by the late Pope. The significance of Cardinal Schönborn's writings? He is the point man on Church dogma, being the lead editor of the official Catechism of the Catholic Church in 1992. Got that folks? This is the face of the Catholic Church in the 21st century. They're going to 'defend reason' by attacking evolution, and the most coverage we'll see about it will consist of soft-headed simpering over the Pontiff's pet preferences. Just remember: Eppur si muove (hat tip to John at AMERICAblog yet again)


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