Monday, July 25, 2005

[politics] Headlines that caught our eye

Courtesy of the New York Times online edition, we have this gem: "Egyptian Police Say Security May Have Disrupted Bombers' Plan" File that under "If that's success, what the fuck does failure look like?". Seriously though, the implications are pretty chilling: if this is what successful policework can look like... I'll let you fill in the blanks. This next one was a real hoot. This gets filed under "I know you're lying: your lips are moving". From the BBC: Al-Qaeda 'destroyed in Pakistan' The headline continued:
"Pakistan says its troops have al-Qaeda on the run" Pakistan has destroyed al-Qaeda's ability to operate on its soil, President Pervez Musharraf has said.
Uh. Yeah. Right. This from the fuckers whose secret police are still in cahoots with the last elements of the Taliban and who provided Al Quaeda with technical assistance and cash (but I'm sure they drew the line at providing intelligence - Musharraf has some limits, right?). The headline that sums it all up best? From MSNBC: Poll: Six in 10 Americans expect new world war Jesus. Y'all are only now figuring that one out now? Well, glad to have you along finally. Remember those rallies? The ones we organized and participated in, pointing out the folly of attacking a country that hadn't attacked us? Yeah, that's what I thought. Fuck you too. So, to anyone living or working in (or for) 1600 Pennsylvania Ave: if you could possibly show me the history book that demonstrates the wisdom of attacking phantom enemies, the successes of creating a climate that encourages attacks against us, and the benefits of overlooking the ties to extremism that our so-called allies in the Middle East exhibit, I'd really appreciate it. No, really. I'll sleep so much better at night knowing that there's a rational basis for the conduct of our so-called Global War on Terror. Then maybe the headlines'll at least seem better...


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