Sunday, July 17, 2005

[cultcha] geeks, freaks and good psycho jazz

So about 6 weeks ago, we went and saw Circus Contraption, a local act that's part of the sideshow/freakshow/circus Renaissance taking place in this country. We liked 'em so much, we went again last night. We were not disappointed. They definitely had some technical problems last night. For the first ten minutes of the show, the lights weren't working properly (and the spots were slightly off most of the night); the sound was spotty the entire evening; and for whatever reason, there seemed to be a degree of ambient light in the theatre that wasn't present the first time we saw the show, resulting in some of the acts that depend upon optical illusions (like a juggling act using glow-in-the-dark balls) losing some of their effect. It was still great. The ringmaster/barker character improvs well ("Imagine, if you will, that I am being immensely witty and entertaining"), and the band - the band is excellent: they whipped off a couple of extra songs while the technical crew figured out what was going on with the lights, and the show went on. You've got 2 more weeks to see them. Go. They're great. The band is also playing at the Crocodile Cafe July 21st along with an act called Reverend Glasseye - tix are $7, show is at 9:00 PM (I think). If we can find a sitter, we're so there... Circus Contraption, ladies and gentlemen. Homegrown artistic madness. Don't miss it.


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