Thursday, July 14, 2005

[politics] More on the coming New Counter Reformation

Courtesy of the Catholic News Service:
VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- With the sixth volume of the adventures of Harry Potter, the teen wizard, about to be released, new attention was being given to a 2003 letter from then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. ... Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict, wrote to Gabriele Kuby to acknowledge receipt of her book, "Harry Potter: Gut oder Bose" ("Harry Potter: Good or Bad"), which expresses her concern that children can become fascinated with the occult through reading the series. In the cardinal's letter, excerpted on Kuby's Web site and published widely since late June, he praised the author's attempt to "enlighten people about Harry Potter" and the possible "subtle seductions" that can distort children's thinking before they mature in the Christian faith. ... In the letter, Cardinal Ratzinger suggested Kuby send a copy of her book to Msgr. Peter Fleetwood, then an official at the Pontifical Council for Culture.
The article goes on to quote Monsignor Fleetwood, who wrote Kuby explaining that he thought she was perhaps mistaken in her theology... So, what does that suggest about Pope Benedict's grasp of theology? Hold on tight - we're in for some reactionary times.


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